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7 August, 2023
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Hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia and anxiety are just a few symptoms that some people experience as they grow older.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, many of these symptoms relate to a deficiency of Yin within the body. Balance your Yin, and your excess Yang symptoms (heat signs) will naturally reduce.

Together, Yin and Yang represent everything in this world. Light and dark, hot and cold, black and white — they are both opposite and complementary.

They exist in relation, balancing one another. Never static, they transform and meld into each other. The inter-transformation of Yin and Yang is not random — it occurs when internal and external conditions are appropriate.

In our body and mind, the goal is to maintain a dynamic balance between yin and yang for optimal health and wellbeing. Every modality associated with Chinese Medicine involves impacting Yin and Yang in a positive way. This is the concept of holistic health and balance.

An Acumend treatment example


Menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia.

Acumend treatment plan

  • Specific acupuncture points to improve Yin, reduce heat signs and relax the body.
  • Patent herbal formula prescribed to increase Yin, reduce heat symptoms, improve sleep.
  • Food recommendations to improve Yin, aid digestion and maintain wellness.

The rich history of the Chinese dumpling

Did you know the humble dumpling was invented by a renown physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhong Jing was often regarded as the sage of Chinese Medicine because of his significant contributions to the people of China.
When he became a government official at the age of fifty in Changsha, he always thought of his practice and his people.

One particular year, a devastating plague consumed his people. To help his community, he began to produce a Herbal Medicine in front of the Government office, offering it to those in need.
Returning home after his retirement, he stumbled upon huddles of sick and starving people with extremely cold ears. Once again, he began to make a remedy for their illness.

This involved boiling mutton and cold dispelling herbal medicine, removing the mixture, chopping it and wrapping the mixture in wheat flour skin to create ear-shaped balls.

He then placed the wraps into the soup until they were cooked. Each patient received two wraps and a bowl of soup, and he continued to offer this healing meal until Chinese New Year’s Eve.

The story goes that he managed to heal all his people, filling their stomachs and making their ears glow with warmth.

During the Spring Festival, people began to celebrate their recovery at the same time as they welcomed in the New Year.

Many people were inspired by this recipe and took it home with them, passing it on for generations… and the rest is history.

The Birth of the dumpling soon became a deep-rooted tradition passed down among Northern Chinese.

Chinese Medicine and when he took office at the age of fifty in Changsha as a government official he always thought of his practice and the people.
Here is a dumpling recipe inspired by Zhang Zhong Jing.


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