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Acumend is committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information you entrust to us.This Privacy Policy outlines how Acumend handles your health information. It applies to the Acumend listed at the end of this Privacy Policy.

1. Our legal obligations

As a private sector health service provider, Acumend is required to comply with the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) of Australia. To provide you with health care services, Acumend needs to collect and use your personal information. If you provide incomplete or inaccurate information to us, or choose to withhold personal health information from us, we may not be able to provide you with the services you are seeking.

2. What information do we collect?

We collect information from you that is necessary to provide you with health care services. Often this may include collecting information about your health history, family history, your ethnic background or your current lifestyle to assist our health care team in diagnosing and treating your condition.

3. How do we use your information?

Acumend only uses your personal information for the purpose you have given the information to us unless one of the following applies:

  • The other purpose is directly related to the purpose for which you have given us the information and you would reasonably expect, or we have told you, that your information is usually disclosed for another purpose or to other individuals, organisations or agencies;
  • You have consented for us to use your information for another purpose;
  • We are required or authorised by law to disclose your information for another purpose;
  • The disclosure of your information will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to somebody’s life or health;

3.1 Use among our staff involved in your care

Our health care practices mean that your treatment will be provided by a team of our resources that may comprise of staff or approved contractors who work together. Our resources will share your health information as part of the process of providing your treatment and ongoing care. Your health information will only be disclosed to our resources who are involved in your treatment. The confidentiality of your information and your privacy will be protected at all times in accordance with the law.

3.2 Other health service providers

If in the future you are being treated by another health practitioner who needs to have access to the health record of your treatment at Acumend, we will require prior written consent from you to provide a copy of your record. The only time we would provide information about your health records to another medical practitioner without your consent is in the event of an emergency where your life is at risk and you are not able to provide consent.

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