Stress & anxiety

High levels of stress and anxiety can impact your body and mind. It will increase blood pressure, cortisol levels and generate an imbalance from within. Work together with Acumend to incorporate meaningful positive habits in your daily life that will quiet the mind.

Stress management

Personalised 10-week stress management program

Each week, the patient receives an acupuncture treatment with personalised information resources to be implemented at home. Recommended for those who suffer from long-term symptoms of stress and anxiety. (Individual patient)

Many recent studies have demonstrated positive links between the effectiveness of acupuncture and mindfulness as complementary therapies aiding in managing some mental health concerns (1).

At Acumend, we understand the many factors in our lives that impact our mental health. We appreciate the complexities of the mind and support our patients by individually assessing their needs, and providing them with treatment applications and tools to help reduce the impact of symptoms associated with stress and anxiety.

Private health rebates may apply.



1. Complementary Therapies for Mental Health Disorders


30 minute guided meditation and acupuncture session (two patients).

A minimum of four sessions is highly recommended.

Private health rebates may apply.


Rest, ground, fast.

20 minute guided meditation session for days where you feel more anxious than usual and need a safe place to decompress and ground yourself.

Private health rebates may apply.