White Lotus Metal Free Hypoallergenic Derma Roller – 1mm


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World’s very first medical skin needling roller made with biocompatible polymer, is bound to be revolutionary.


Bio Polymer Skin Needling To Avoid Metal Allergy /Promotes Holistic Micro Needling


No harmful reactions – The skin needling roller system doesn’t contain nickel or other metals, which often cause rashes and reactions. Nickel is found in varying proportions in standard micro needles and can be hazardous to many users.  It is hypoallergenic, so you can safely utilize it from home.

Unparalled Quality – To ensure that you get only premium grade products, the roller is sterilized via machine, tested extensively for safety purposes, and sealed with tamper evident packaging.
Effective – Did you know that these micro needle skin rollers can boost collagen production up to almost 1000%? And this happens in a single treatment! What more could you wish for?
Robust Construction – Inferior versions of skin needling rollers are available, but the needles tend to fall out after just a few weeks. This issue has been dealt with by White Lotus, as the micro needles in this system never fall out.
Better stability The micro needles are created together in a single mould for more strength and stability.

No allergies The skin needling biopolymer roller is gentle on the skin, and doesn’t cause underlying damage. It is risk-free for those allergic to nickel or other metals.




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