Essential Vitamin A Serum


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Your go-to Vitamin A solution to prevent the signs of ageing for smoother, firmer and healthier looking skin.


Retinaldehyde is a naturally derived form of Vitamin A with legendary benefits for nearly all skin conditions. Compared with retinol, it is absorbed by the skin in higher strengths, making it more effective for preventing fine lines & wrinkles, increasing cellular turnover, stimulating collagen production, keeping pores clear and balancing oil production. Essential Vitamin A Serum contains 1% retinaldehyde and other nourishing ingredients like Squalane and Bisabolol (derived from chamomile) to nurture the skin.

Essential Vitamin A Serum prevents the signs of ageing and nurtures the skin for a healthy, glowing appearance.


Weight: 0.082 kg
Dimensions: 3.4 × 3.4 × 11 cm

Size: 30ml
For best results: Retinaldehyde, like Retinoic Acid, is excellent against wrinkles and ageing skin, except that it is much gentler on all skin conditions.


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