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Harmony contains 11 herbal extracts and nutrients that in combinationhave a special synergistic effect that is not available in other products.Harmony was developed after many years of testing in clinical practice.The formula is based on Chinese Medicinal herbs that have a proven medicalhistory dating 5000 years. The latest scientific research has also been applied to develop the formula to ensure optimum effectiveness possible.


Many of the herbs in Harmony are what is commonly termed phytoestrogens.These plant substances have a direct effect on the Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland systems which control hormone production. Research onphytoestrogens has shown them to have a role in disease prevention.(Harmony does not contain hormones and is an effective natural alternativefor hormone imbalances and menopausal symptoms).


Harmony contains a special combination of both Chinese and Western herbsand nutrients. The wisdom of traditional Chinese medical prescribing in combination with western herbal medicine research is the best of bothworlds.

The synergistic actions of the Chinese and Western herbs together, not onlyhelp balance natural reproductive cycles ,they are also very nourishing. InChinese medicine, the herbs are a tonic for the yin (fluids and essence) and blood therefore provide nourishment and prevent dryness. Like an internal moisturiser for the body cells, Harmony helps protect against premature aging and it’s effect such as excessive wrinkles, dry skin and hair, brittle nails, tiredness and numerous other signs of deficiency of yin and blood.


Even irritability and sleeplessness is mainly caused by excessive heat accumulated in the body (caused by a lack of yin) which disturbs the mind. Put simply, as we age we begin to dry up. Young people are soft and flexible and elderly people are stiffer. Just like a tree branch that is full of sap and onethat is dried out and easily broken. The sap is like the yin (fluids and essence)and blood). The aim for balanced health is to nurture the yin and blood.

Harmony contains the main yin and blood tonic herbs used by millions each day in China and around the world. The herbs are also some of the main ones used in nearly every Chinese herbal formula prescribed for women’s gynecologicalproblems.


Added to the formula is 2 of the most effective herbs used in western herbalmedicine for women’s complaints. Also Harmony contains the minerals Calcium and Magnesium for extra nourishment.


The Formula
Rehmannia: Reduces hot flushes, replenishes the vital essence, tonifiesthe yin and blood and balances female cycles.
Cimicifuga: Known as Black Cohosh is the most widely acclaimed herbfor supplying phytoestrogens which have a hormone balancing effect in the body.
Bupleurum: The main herb for stress reduction used in China. For stress, depression, irritability and strengthens immunity.
Dioscorea: Chinese yam. Balances female system. Tonifies Qi (energy),digestion and reproductive function. Treats the consumption of body fluids andfrequency of urination.
Angelica: Called Dong Quai, it is the most famous and widely used Chineseherb for menstrual disorders and as a blood tonic and regulator.
Vitex: Very powerful action on balancing the female hormonal system and usedto aid and balance progesterone levels in cases of ‘oestrogen dominance’.
Peoniae: Reduces flushing and sweats, harmonises the emotions, tonifies theblood and alleviates pain.
Licorice: Tonifies Qi (energy), strengthens digestion, clears heat and toxinsand soothes spasms.
Calcium: Important for hormonal regulation, nerve function and bones.
Magnesium: A synergistic nutrient for calcium utilisation and for reducingpain and cramping.
Vitimin D: Aids the absorption of calcium and for bone mineralisation.


Warning: If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balance diet. Discontinue use if you develop sensitivity to the formula.


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