Meditation and mindfulness practice is a wonderful approach to health, healing and wellbeing. At Acumend our ethos is to encourage our patient community to implement these practices in their daily lives.

Meditation techniques

Mindfulness helps promote a calm body and mind and techniques may be encouraged within a community group  or individual session.

Mantra meditation, guided meditation, group meditation and mindfulness meditation with visualisation and breathing techniques may assist with improving health both physically and mentally.  Studies are showing promising evidence that meditation may improve symptoms associated with anxiety, stress and tension (1).


1. Regular meditation more beneficial than vacation.

We offer a range of meditation and mindfulness sessions, available for individuals, couples and groups depending on your needs.

Our stress and anxiety programs


10 week program with body point acupuncture (various locations around the body determined from individual symptoms)


30 min guided meditation & acupuncture session (two patients)

Rest, Ground, Fast
20 min meditation session