Gua Sha & cupping

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an alternative therapeutic technique frequently used in traditional Chinese Medicine. Also known as channel scrubbing, Gua Sha is performed by rubbing a tool against the skin’s meridians, creating sha (reddening). The sha helps increase the surface circulation of blood (micro microperfusion).

Stimulating blood circulation through Gua Sha techniques may assist in the skin’s healing process and flow of Qi.

What is cupping?

Cupping is a traditional method that has been practised for over 2000 years across many cultures. In TCM, cupping creates a vacuum between the skin and cups to help stimulate the local area and release muscle tension while moving qi and blood flow.

It is said that cupping may help to reduce inflammation, improve the skin’s biochemistry, help to expel toxins and improve local anaerobic metabolism.