Personalised treatment
strategies that are realistic,
positive and effective.

At Acumend, we focus on your individual health concerns with an integrated approach.

After taking the time to understand your health history, current symptoms and health concerns, we determine a holistic strategy to support your health and wellness goals.

This may include a combination of strategies such as acupuncture, acupressure, herbal formula, dietary advice, microneedling, mindfulness practice, cupping and other appropriate services.

Acupuncturists in Australia are required by law to be registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) and CMBA (Chinese Medical Board of Australia) for private health fund rebates. This ensures Acumend Acupuncturists are highly educated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and have years of professional experience.

With an in-depth knowledge of TCM, we combine this with a well-established understanding of modern approaches and applications.


Private health rebates

Acumend sessions including acupuncture are partially covered by most private health insurance funds.

Our clinic is equipped with eftpos and HICAPS, so you can claim on-the-spot; saving time and out of pocket costs. Please remember to bring your private health membership card to your appointments.

Note: Check your coverage with your provider for further information.

Dr Sandra Phanthapangna

Founder of Acumend, Dr Sandra Phanthapangna (Acupuncturist) incorporates traditional health practices in her clinic and own life. In her spare time, she provides holistic health care services and education to other individuals and the community.

With a background in Radiotherapy and Community Care, Dr Sandra is a dedicated and compassionate practitioner who takes the time to listen and implement patient-centred services tailored to individual needs.

Dr Sandra’s strategies are realistic and positive. Her warmth and grounded approach allow her to connect with patients, making them feel comfortable and supported in their wellness journeys.

Individual sessions allow her to focus solely on the one patient and provide tailored one-on-one education.

The community treatments focus on specific clinical problems including but not limited to frozen shoulder, pre and post of knee and joint pain, lumbar and sciatic problems. These clinics involve a community treatment room, are comfortable and cost-effective for those who may need a larger number of treatment sessions.

Improving your health holistically.